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September 25, 2011
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Sep 25, 2011, 3:30:23 PM
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PROUD TO BE A BRONY by MetaDragonArt PROUD TO BE A BRONY by MetaDragonArt

*wow, over 700 views in 23 hours O_O omg this picture might actually become popular!!!!! yayaayay!!!! :D
*HOLY LUNA'S MAGICAL SOCK, 3000 VIEWS?!?!!?!? im freaking honored :'D <3
*4000 views?!?! SQUEE X 42!!!!!! :iconyayzplz:
*7000 viewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws!??!!?!?!?!??!?!?!? -flutterfaints-

*mlp and characters belong to hasbro and lauren faust. btw, you are an alicorn goddess

after a couple weeks of work, and a few too many extensions from my teacher (this is a project for my graphics design class), i have finally finished my ultimate pony creation!!!

thats right, i get to draw ponies for school :iconfluttershyyesplz:

the idea of this project was to draw a picture describing who you are. since i am a major brony, and am very very proud of it, i figured "why not draw a pony collage?" :D

**** i found out what mark i got on this: 18/20 (i would of gotten 20/20, but this was handed in about 3 or 4 weeks late lol)

this picture here is the begining of a new era for me. i used to draw simple pictures on a regular white piece of paper, but now, because of this picture, i feel i am ready to truly release the artist inside me! i will be drawing more complex pictures like these, a couple i had in mind was a doctor whooves poster, and a picture of luna with nightmare moon in the night sky above her.

of course, i will still be doing simpler drawings lol

anyway, i would like to thank all of you who gave me support throughout this project here, by either directly encouraging me, or by commenting and favoriting the preview for this that i had previously uploaded :) thank you, all of you :)

if you are part of a group, and want this picture featured in your group, either in the featured folder or in any other folder, please feel free to request this picture for your group :D i feel honored when you do :)

and so, i leave you all with a colour guide i made, so that anypony and anyone who wants to know what colours to use for each character in this picture can now know for sure what ones to use :D

*coloured with crayola coloured pencils, all from the crayola coloured pencils 60 pack, available wherever crayola products are sold :D so it should be easy for you to find ^^ and it costs around $16-$18 for the 60 pack :)

drawn on a piece of 11 X 17 inch (27.9 X 43.2 cm) paper. sketched with both my left and right hands, outlined and coloured with my right hand


*note - all of the colours are from a crayola coloured pencil 60 pack

lightly = colour lightly
hard = colour hard
+ = colour is combined with other colour
, = separate colouring parts


pinkie pie (bottom left corner)
coat - pink
mane/tail – raspberry (lightly) + ruby red (lightly) + magenta,
eyes - turquoise

fluttershy (bottom right corner)
coat - yellow
mane/tail – pink, raspberry (detail)
eyes – teal + aqua green
cutie mark - pink (butterfly wings), yellow-green (butterfly bodies)

twilight sparkle (right side between rarity and sweetie belle)
coat - lilac
mane/tail – nave blue, plum (purple stripe detail), ruby red (lightly) + pink (pink stripe detail)
eyes - violet

rainbow dash (center)
coat – sky blue
mane/tail - red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, true blue, violet
eyes - magenta (they are closed in this picture though)

applebloom (left side between pinkie pie and rainbow dash)
coat – golden yellow (lightly, even though in this picture I accidentally colloured too hard)
mane/tail – red, raspberry (detail)
eyes – yellow-orange
bow – ruby red, black (very lightly) + ruby red (darker detail)

applejack (left side between trixie and bon bon)
coat – light orange (press hard. leave 3 small circles uncoloured for freckles), white (freckles)
mane/tail –yellow (extremely lightly), hazel (detail), red (material tying ends of mane and tail)
eyes – yellow-green + lime green

scootaloo (right side below fluttershy)
coat – light orange
mane/tail – orchid, raspberry (detail)
eyes - lilac

sweetie belle (far right side to the right of twilight sparkle)
coat - white
mane/tail – lilac (purple parts), bubble gum + pink (pink parts)
eyes – yellow-green

rarity (right side between lyra and twilight sparkle)
coat - white
mane/tail – violet, black (very lightly) + violet (darker regions of mane), black (detail)
eyes – light blue

trixie (far left side to the left of applejack)
coat – blue (lightly) + cerulean (I pressed a bit too hard in this picture) + light blue (hard)
mane/tail – turquoise (lightly on inside “darkest” parts, extremely lightly for other parts) + white (hard over entire many/tail)
eyes - magenta
cape and hat – violet (lightly) + lilac, turquoise (light blue stars and dots), golden yellow (yellow stars and dots), cerulean (dark blue stars and dots), white (white stars and dots)
gem stone holding cape in front – turquoise (hard)

zecora (top left corner above trixie)
coat – cool grey (lightly), black + gray (hard. Coat design detail)
mane/tail – black + gray (hard), white
eyes - teal

DJ pon3 (left side under applebloom and to the right of pinkie pie. face covered by the letter B)
coat - white
mane/tail - true blue (darker blue bits), turquoise (lighter blue bits)
eyes - red (according to the fans)
DJ goggles - black (frame), orchid (lens)

bellamina diane pie (left side below applebloom and above DJ pon3)
coat - grey (lightly) + light blue
mane/tail - cool grey, warm grey (hard. detail)
eyes - brown

aloe (left side below applejack, above applebloom, and to the right of pinkie pie)
coat - bubblegum
mane/tail - turquoise (blue bits) + white (detail. over entire area)
eyes - don't remember, eyes are covered in picture
headpiece - white
collar - white, bubblegum (pink circle in front)

bon bon (top side between applejack and lyra)
coat - sand (very lightly) + yellow (extremely lightly) + white (hard)
mane/tail - true blue (blue bits), bubblegum (pink bits)
eyes - turquoise

Lyra (top side between bon bon and rarity)
coat - aqua green (a little lightly)
mane/tail - cool grey (lightly) + aqua green (lightly) + white (grey-green bits), white
eyes - yellow-orange

luna (right side between rainbow dash and rarity and above fluttershy)
coat - blue (lightly) + cerulean (lightly) + cool grey (lightly) + light blue (hard), black (lightly) + violet (dark purple bits)
mane/tail - light blue (i should of used light blue (lightly) + sky blue (hard))
eyes - teal
cutie mark - black (lightly) + violet (dark purple bits), white (moon)

colgate (middle above rainbow dash and luna and below bon bon and lyra)
coat - sky blue
mane/tail - true blue (blue bits), white (white bits)
eyes - light blue

derpy hooves (middle below rainbow dash and left of fluttershy)
coat - cool grey
mane/tail - lemon-yellow
eyes - golden yellow

little hooves (middle between rainbow dash and luna and below colgate)
coat - cool grey (lightly)
mane/tail - light blue
eyes - lime-green

storm (top side above rarity and between lyra and doctor whooves)
coat – sand (hard)
mane/tail - brown
eyes – yellow-green

doctor whooves (top right side between storm and spike)
coat - sand (hard. i should probably of added a very light coat of light brown before hand)
mane/tail - dark brown
eyes - turquoise

spike (top right side between doctor whooves and hairspray and above twilight sparkle)
skin/scales - lilac (hard), lemon-yellow (lightly) + lime green (belly), lime green (lightly) + lemon-yellow (hard. weird fin things on the side of his head)
spines - yellow-green (hard)
eyes - green (i made his eyes ruby red hearts in this picture cause he sees rarity lol)

hairspray (top right corner above sweetie belle)
coat - pink
mane/tail - magenta, maroon (detail)
eyes - turquoise

applecore (left side between applebloom and rainbow dash)
coat - pink (lightly)
mane/tail - pink (hard.) + white (pink bits), white
eyes - turquoise


hope that colour guide was useful :D

please give me some feedback on this picture!!! i love it when people comment on my stuff ^^
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Critique by mymymy68 Oct 1, 2011, 10:15:08 AM
this drawing shows a group of pony in one area.the way the pony look are very new.the pony have very good coloring and style.there are lots of pony everywhere.some of the ponys have all kinds of emotions.The painting shows a contrast of all kind of color in light and dark shading.The artist creates space by having a lot of ponys in different areas in the drawing.There are real lines in the painting because it is painted in a hand drawn style. The artist shows texture in the ponys hair and color of there body.The artist uses different color values for the hair and on the body to show the difference between the shaded hair and the lighter hair.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
35 out of 44 deviants thought this was fair.

This piece of artistry is very good and should be very famous. However, there are it's flaws. I'll go down by row.

Vision: Your vision for this picture is amazing. The idea of a pony collage blew my mind.

Originality: This is where this picture has flaws. You took poses from the show. I think you should make new poses for the ponies.

Technique: Your technique is great and like I wrote, I like pony collages.

Impact: Great, it blew me away. Except, I think you should add more to the green background

That is all I think about this picture. The overall rating for this picture is........ 4 stars overall.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
7 out of 8 deviants thought this was fair.

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yeah that's basically my reaction to how poorly i used to draw here XD (seriously, my newer stuff is WAY better Portrait of a Griffon General by MetaDragonArt  )

and there's a zebra because she's a character in the show ^^
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