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have some artwork

Cyberpunk Disney - Robin Hood by MetaDragonArt
Let Me Walk You Home Tonight by MetaDragonArt my little CyberSkeleton by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk Pepper Clark by MetaDragonArt
Metal Grump Solid V: The Phantom No by MetaDragonArt Long Live Zinogre by MetaDragonArt
dammit, they must've followed me! by MetaDragonArt
Dwemer Pony by MetaDragonArt Cyberpunk Vinyl Scratch by MetaDragonArt
Portrait of a Griffon General by MetaDragonArt
I'm Here to Kick Ass and Eat Watermelon by MetaDragonArt Got Somethin' That Might Interest Ya' by MetaDragonArt
Foxy the Pirate by MetaDragonArt
Kai's Smoke Break by MetaDragonArt Chica the Waitress by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk Harp Seal by MetaDragonArt
Red Panda cyberpunk by MetaDragonArt Rooftop Meeting by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk Fidget by MetaDragonArt
Winged Cross cyberpunk by MetaDragonArt Night of the Cybernetic Dead by MetaDragonArt
Cybernetic Royal Pegasus Guard by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk weasel - vibrant winter by MetaDragonArt cyberpunk Amy Rose by MetaDragonArt
Observing My Playground by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk Raccoon girl by MetaDragonArt cyberpunk bunny boy by MetaDragonArt
Shingeki no Pokemon (Attack on Pokemon) by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk Cream (exploring the city) by MetaDragonArt Nap Time for Fidget by MetaDragonArt
Ultra Violet by MetaDragonArt
RWBY Red - my first anime drawing by MetaDragonArt Cyberpunk Tails by MetaDragonArt
Waiting For The Train by MetaDragonArt
After The Rave by MetaDragonArt Bonnie and Clyde the meowstic robbers by MetaDragonArt
Cybernetic Investigative Enforcer Unit: Stelth Fox by MetaDragonArt
my little monster hunter - Pinkamena by MetaDragonArt Synthetic Loyalty by MetaDragonArt
Pony Gear Rising: Revengence by MetaDragonArt
the Unicorn's Apprentice by MetaDragonArt Let's get this over with by MetaDragonArt
Playing with my Cyber Ferret by MetaDragonArt
Luc the cybernetic cowboy by MetaDragonArt Buttercream Sundae cyberpunk V2 by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk Wolf by MetaDragonArt
Guard on Duty by MetaDragonArt Roland the Photographer by MetaDragonArt
Fantastic Baby by MetaDragonArt
Fight for the Everlasting Night by MetaDragonArt Psycho Scyther by MetaDragonArt
Canterlot Hall by MetaDragonArt

have some pen sketches :D

Robin Hood Cyberpunk sketch by MetaDragonArt
rudolph sketch by MetaDragonArt some old sneasel sketch i drew last mothers day by MetaDragonArt
going for a walk sketch by MetaDragonArt cyberskeleton pony sketch by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk Octavia sketch by MetaDragonArt dwemer pony sketch by MetaDragonArt
cyberpunk monster sketch by MetaDragonArt cyberpunk vinyl scratch sketch by MetaDragonArt
just a  ferret sketch by MetaDragonArt another cybernetic ferret sketch by MetaDragonArt
griffon general sketch by MetaDragonArt Chica the Waitress sketch by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk Harp Seal Sketch by MetaDragonArt Centino Sketch by MetaDragonArt
relaxing on the railing sketch by MetaDragonArt Foxy the Pirate sketch by MetaDragonArt
Sugar sprinkles playing her ukulele Sketch by MetaDragonArt Fantastic Pinkamena sketch by MetaDragonArt
Mob Boss Pony sketch by MetaDragonArt Stabz the Bat Fox sketch by MetaDragonArt
King Kazma pen Sketch by MetaDragonArt Buttercream and her lollipop sword sketch by MetaDragonArt
Zoe At The Beach Sketch by MetaDragonArt cyberpunk space marine tiger sketch by MetaDragonArt
space pirate pony sketch by MetaDragonArt Cybernetic Zombie Furries Sketch by MetaDragonArt After The Rave pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Celestia's Cybernetic Guard pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Psycho Scyther pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Metal Gear Gardevoir pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Riolu Fun Times pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Meta Dragonart pen sketch by MetaDragonArt greninja pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Cyberpunk Cowboy fox - pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Shadow cyberpunk pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Ripdash's Dante Cosplay pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Grayscale Cyberpunk pen Sketch by MetaDragonArt my little monster hunter - Applejack pen sketch by MetaDragonArt cyberpunk bunny girl - pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Bonnie and Clyde the meowstic robbers - pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Shingeki no Pokemon - pen sketch by MetaDragonArt my little monster hunter - Pinkamena pen sketch by MetaDragonArt my little monster hunter - rainbow dash pen sketch by MetaDragonArt pinky in a pinkie hoodie pen sketch by MetaDragonArt midnyte and camy cyberpunk pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Soviet Ponies Pen Sketch by MetaDragonArt gatomon cyberpunk pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Cyberpunk Gomamon pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Pony Gear Rising: Revengence pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Cyberpunk Gilda pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Meta Dragonart Fursona V2 pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Vorse Circuit cyberpunk pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Wynter never comes Pen Sketch by MetaDragonArt my little ponymon - lucario pony pen sketch by MetaDragonArt riolu's mansion pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Riolu pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Pony Gear Rising - Fleur De Lis pen sketch by MetaDragonArt RWBY red pen sketch - my first anime drawing by MetaDragonArt Chroma's New Leg pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Scootawoodo pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Queen of the Malevolent Night PEN SKETCH by MetaDragonArt Violet Melody pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Pinkie D. Luffy pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Berry Punch Sign Spinner pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Lucas Steampunk Pony pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Astrid Cyberpunk Pony pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Dinky Doo the Mechromancer - pen sketch by MetaDragonArt random Discord pen sketch by MetaDragonArt another random Discord PEN sketch by MetaDragonArt Dragon Pony pen sketch (Hypno von Draconis) by MetaDragonArt Emo Pony sketch (with a pen) in 30 minutes ^^ by MetaDragonArt Renae pony pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Queen Chrysalis Awakening - sketch by MetaDragonArt Pipsqueak the Commando pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Fidget the adorable Nimbat pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Fidget peace pen sketch by MetaDragonArt the Phantom of The Littlest Opera pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Pony May Cry - Shining Armor pen sketch by MetaDragonArt Pony May Cry - Trixie pen sketch by MetaDragonArt pony may cry - Cheerilee pen sketch by MetaDragonArt

Meta Dragonart fan art

My Little Pony OC Feature by CrystalGem523 Smile bro by TransguyBlu
Pony Luvz by ChromaDraws
Request for MetaDragonArt by saturdaymorningproj Swaggy Vs. Meta by JustAnotherFan4
Watching Meta Draw by C1S1
:thumb343106571: birthday gift by raichuino
Meta und Cisi by C1S1
Greetings pony by running-wolf-1523 Canadian Bronies have Swaggar by Fundz64
Happy Birthday Metadragonart!!! by Lillypad135 Happy Birthday Meta by Commodor-Richter
nuclear  fallout by Arcadeunicorn
:thumb329688873: happy birthday metadragonart by iReLeNtLeSsXv
What A Strange Sunset... by Drakeven
Happy Birthday MetaDragonArt by LikeTheReaper MLP:FiM - Meta Dragonart by MortenEng21
*tug tug**pull pull* by C1S1
for metadragonart by WulfGirl-39 Pony Friends by CrystalGem523
luv4Meta by C1S1
:thumb344395129: Friends by reshiramlucario
Meta Dragonart by thunderbolt3000
Metadragonart Fan Art by JustAnotherFan4 Meta Dragon by rkp102
MetaReen by rkp102
metadragonart sliding into box by iReLeNtLeSsXv Meta by BlackBlood100
Meet Meta by rkp102
:thumb350413005: Astrid and Meta WIP by Astrid66Thordottir
OC request #2 by wadarkhu
Meta DragonArt 5 by ReynTurner Swagged Silly by JustAnotherFan4
Metareen2 by rkp102
Bronies for life! by reshiramlucario Meta Dragonart by Ninosmr
B-DAYGIFT - META Stitch ART by issabissabel
Metamina - Meta Dragonart by ChromaDraws DIS-TR-ASS-TION by rkp102
Painted Meta by C1S1
Metadragonart plays Guns of Icarus! by nateman747 MetaDragonArt fanart by TheDarkestDecent


Shell Shocker by MetaDragonArt
Shell Shocker
uncensored version: Shell Shocker Uncensored by MetaDragonArt


in the 2060's, reports of crazy, extremely violent people with freaky, bizarre-looking cybernetics were on the rise. people were being attacked, and sometimes killed, by these psychopaths. though this existed before, they were normally just grouped together with the drug addicts, since brain examinations usually suggested some sort of hard drug abuse. various rumors and theories about them started gaining traction on the internet; but any regarding a connection to  the freaking looking cybernetics were immediately (though suspiciously) denied by cyber tech companies and other miscellaneous cybernetics engineers. though it's unknown who said it first, the term "shells" were eventually used to describe them (which probably came about because they were "a shell of their former self"). reports of Shells continued to sharply increase in number, and shells started sneaking their way into pop culture, specifically in works of horror and sci fi. officers that were sent out to take care of Shells eventually began denying cases, stating extreme mental stress, anguish, and hatred as a result of the job; citing how utterly terrifying, disgusting, and putrid the Shells were, no to mention the stress of having to kill them always because of how utterly violent they always were. with Shells continuously popping up, something needed to be done, and the officers simply didnt have the mental fortitude to hunt them down anymore. they needed people who had no problems with the act of continuously killing, which the officers could keep on a leash.

in june of 2070, the Shell Prevention and Control act was enacted. this allowed officers to take inmates from various prisons and use them to hunt down Shells, in exchange for time redacted off their jail sentences for every shell they eliminate. these chosen prisoners are often murderers or those that had committed other particularly nefarious crimes with long / extended jail sentences. these people are known as Shell Shockers. in order to keep them under control in the field, they are accompanied by an SPC (Shell Prevention and Control) officer known as an Owner. Owners keep an eye on the Shell Shockers and make sure they dont take off and leave or hurt any innocent bystanders or the Owners themselves. to do this, the Shell Shockers have a "Shock Collar" on their necks that will more or less kill them with the press of a button held only by their Owner. if all else fails, their Owner can just shoot the Shell Shocker if they cause too much trouble. but if they manage to kill their Owner somehow, a signal would be sent to the collar and subsequently kill them right afterwards. this encourages them to not only keep everyone else safe, and not just run off, but to also protect their Owner as well. by 2071, the Shell Shockers were in full swing. as expected, starting in 2072, there was some major criticisms and a bit of a backlash regarding this particular use of dangerous criminals in public. however, the significant reduction of rampant Shells (and injury / death caused by them) as a result of the Shell Shockers between 2073 and 2077 would cause the criticisms to start fading away.

Shell Shocker uniforms are inspired by prison and mechanic jumpsuits, and have a similar colour scheme to canadian RCMP officers, but with red highlights instead of the yellow that they have on their uniforms. they carry a shotgun with them that has specialized bullets that not only do normal shotgun damage, but also emits static electricity inside the Shell's body as the bullet goes through them, which has a chance of shorting out out some of their unusual cybernetics. however, they are given very limited ammo; just enough to get the job done with a little room for missed shots or Shells that wont go down right away. if they run out, then they're just going to have to improvise and make due with whatever they can use. it is common for newbies to use up all their ammo right away in a single case before getting enough experience in how to deal with Shells. as for cybernetics, they may only use pre-made ones that law enforcement provides them with, which is often bare-boned in terms of functionality, as replacements for their cybernetics that were previously taken away and replaced by the prison they were at before.

on average, shell shockers last anywhere from a couple months to a couple years. they either get horribly injured or killed by Shells (or by their Owners), commit suicide due to the lifestyle, or quit and return to prison with their reduced prison sentence. at any time, shell shockers are allowed to quit and return back to prison for whatever reason, though they are encouraged to keep hunting Shells instead. some of them cant stand the Shell Shocker life and prefer the safer confines of the prisons, and some DRASTICALLY prefer hunting Shells if it means they get to stay as far away from a jail cell if possible. though some of them are known to hunt Shells, take a break back in prison, then go back to hunting to reduce their sentence more, though only those that have a high kill count and didnt cause too much trouble are allowed to return back after quitting (or if their previous Owner took a liking to them).

fast forward to the year 2091, and Shells and Shell Shockers are a fully recognized part of modern society and pop culture, though it's a rather dark part of society. rumors, accusations, memes, and conspiracy theories regarding them have come and gone, but the shells and shell shockers arent going anywhere anytime soon. 


here's my sketch for it: shell shocker sketch by MetaDragonArt 


resources used:

misc fire explosion element png 
Open Door PNG 
victoria market 1 
Shag Faux Fur 1 
metal texture 3 
Cloth Texture 01 
Texture 036 - A 
New York Stock 17
so today was an interesting day. not only did i find a copy of bikini samurai squad, but i also found some miku cosplay at the local anime store that i got to try on :D    
Bikini Samurai Squad  by MetaDragonArtEdit 11650544 708903685899576 492664721 N by MetaDragonArt
but the highlight of the day was that during the brony meetup, i had a fangirl approach me and got my autograph! im serious, i have fangirls of my artwork here! :'D it was adorable! ^3^ though it was REALLY strange for me because this has never happened before o.o but i loved it :3 <3 so yeah, i had a good day today X3
with E3 over now, i can finally focus on art again :D
Harvik Reference Sheet by MetaDragonArt
Harvik Reference Sheet
i did it! my first reference sheet! :'D  and it's of a character that means a lot to me: Harvik! ^^ she's a childish back-alley cybernetics engineer (which is basically just a term used to describe unlicensed cybernetics engineers. they normally work with gangs or those that simply dont want to go through official channels for whatever reason) :D 

the idea for her came from the really childish side of my personality, plus i originally wanted to make my own version of Edward from Cowboy Bebop XD  she means a lot to me, so i'm very happy to have this reference sheet of her done. i wanna have her, and my other characters (once i do their sheets), in a lot of pictures i make in the future c:

im just so happy that ive finally done my first reference sheet of a character i love ^^

side note: if any of you wanna draw her, feel free to. just show me when it's done (and of course credit me for the character lol)


resources used:

Black Net Textures 02 
Shag Faux Fur 1 
metal texture 3 
Cloth Texture 01 
Texture 036 - A 
Emu feather texture 
woohooo! im done that reference sheet of that character :D this character means a lot to me, so im super happy to have it done now X3 - uploading tomorrow
sorry it's been so long, guys and gals. ive been working one something big and awesome regarding a character ive been wanting to make for a while :D 

I CRED, I SCREAMED, I CAME, I FEEL LIKE IM GONNA HAVE A HEART ATTACK LOL. no seriously, ive been waiting like 6 years for this!!!! and it's finally happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i need help with poses

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 2, 2015, 12:40 PM

  • Mood: Joy

i need help with poses

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 2, 2015, 12:40 PM

  • Mood: Joy


Tyler Florence
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied


Tyler "MetaDragonArt" Florence
Traditional and Digital Artist
Western Canada

hey there people, i'm MetaDragonArt ^^ essentially, i just draw stuff
day in and day out :P

so i found my talent for drawing after i drew a picture of garfield
when i was 9 years old, which i still got with me to this day :P
drawing is pretty much my life, which i am absolutely fine with, and
enjoy :D i love drawing cartoon characters with more complex
shading ^^ everything i draw nowadays is with a black pen ^^ cause
pens are cool :3 though it sucks when i screw up, cause i can't fix
it, only live with my mistake and cover it up with MOAR SCRIBBLES :dummy:

so yeah, if you like my stuff, please watch me ^^ and be sure to
leave comments on my stuff :D they make me happy and feel all fuzzy
inside ^^

also,i love cyberpunk c:

a lot

it's awesome


totally not doing this because of a weird glitch with how i set up this thing




my persona: Meta Dragonart

Meta Dragonart the Cyberpunk Weasel by MetaDragonArt
MetaDragonArt and Meta Dragonart by MetaDragonArt Meta Dragonart's Creed by MetaDragonArt
Meta Dragonart in socks by MetaDragonArt
Meta Dragonart cutie mark by MetaDragonArt Gamma Dragonart (R63 Meta Dragonart) by MetaDragonArt
for my loving grandmother - happy 70th birthday by MetaDragonArt
Meta Dragonart Gangnam Style: Hoof Pump by MetaDragonArt Meta Dragonart is adorable by MetaDragonArt
Meta Dragonart - yay! by MetaDragonArt
Meta Dragonart and his mighty red pen by MetaDragonArt Meta X Midnyte hot stallion shipping by MetaDragonArt

have some GIFs of things i like C:

free counters



quick shoot me in the face!
Sat Feb 21, 2015, 2:07 PM
God I wish there were more artists as good as you who were looking to commission. I think you've got just the style I want for a cyberpunk piece of art.
Fri Feb 6, 2015, 3:47 PM
Tue Sep 2, 2014, 10:59 PM
Tue Aug 26, 2014, 7:43 PM
hiya!! :D
Thu Aug 21, 2014, 3:13 PM
Mon Aug 18, 2014, 9:00 AM
i love you all :D
Fri Aug 8, 2014, 3:43 PM
You're the best of the best!
Mon Jul 14, 2014, 7:03 PM
BEST. HAIR. EVER. Liberty spikes FTW lol
Wed Apr 2, 2014, 9:21 PM
Males watch Sailor Moon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Tokyo Mew Mew, Powerpuff Girls, Totally Spies, Hamtaro, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, The Littlest Pet Shop, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt... Now that's awesome!
Thu Feb 27, 2014, 3:57 PM
well i moved to sa nrw place :P that happened :P
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 3:15 PM
What's up dude
Thu Dec 12, 2013, 1:35 AM
happy birthday pal pal
Thu Nov 14, 2013, 4:12 PM
Sun Sep 29, 2013, 8:11 AM
ohai colordashie c:
Sun Sep 8, 2013, 11:56 PM
hey remember colordashie?? its me :3
Sun Sep 8, 2013, 2:11 AM
Sun Jun 30, 2013, 2:44 AM
haiiiiii :3
Mon Jun 3, 2013, 5:47 PM
Hi! :3
Sat Jun 1, 2013, 1:03 AM
oooo excellent :D
Tue May 28, 2013, 9:00 PM


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