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have some artwork

Cyberpunk Disney - Robin Hood by MetaDragonArt
Welcome Home, Tabby by MetaDragonArt Holmy The Cow by MetaDragonArt
RWBY - cyberpunk furry Ruby by MetaDragonArt
the cyborg samurai by MetaDragonArt Sir Aaron the Cyberpunk Lucario by MetaDragonArt
Life Goes on as it did Before by MetaDragonArt
Shell Shocker by MetaDragonArt JoJo's Bizarre Monster Hunt - BrachyDIOs by MetaDragonArt
Unikitty Discussing Business by MetaDragonArt
I'm Gonna Have to Ask You to Leave by MetaDragonArt I WILL Defend Myself! by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk Ogopogo by MetaDragonArt
Just Another Night In Canterlot by MetaDragonArt What a Poor, Pitiful Pokemon by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk Pepper Clark by MetaDragonArt
Freddy the Boss by MetaDragonArt Bonnie the Musician by MetaDragonArt
Five Nights At Freddy's cyberpunk poster by MetaDragonArt
Chica the Waitress by MetaDragonArt Foxy the Pirate by MetaDragonArt
Metal Grump Solid V: The Phantom No by MetaDragonArt
Rudolph the Heating Systems Engineer by MetaDragonArt Long Live Zinogre by MetaDragonArt
Cyberpunk Kelowna - The Sails by MetaDragonArt
dammit, they must've followed me! by MetaDragonArt Cyberpunk Vinyl Scratch by MetaDragonArt
Waiting For The Train by MetaDragonArt
Gatomon Cyberpunk - traditional version by MetaDragonArt a Shell of my former self by MetaDragonArt
Fantastic Baby by MetaDragonArt
The Water Tower by MetaDragonArt Cyberpunk Harp Seal by MetaDragonArt


your Art looks Awesome 👍
Sun May 8, 2016, 10:28 AM
heyyy i love your art!!! and i was wondering if u take request?if u dont thats cool
Sun Apr 17, 2016, 7:15 PM
You are amazing
Sun Dec 13, 2015, 5:36 PM
quick shoot me in the face!
Sat Feb 21, 2015, 2:07 PM
God I wish there were more artists as good as you who were looking to commission. I think you've got just the style I want for a cyberpunk piece of art.
Fri Feb 6, 2015, 3:47 PM
Tue Sep 2, 2014, 10:59 PM
Tue Aug 26, 2014, 7:43 PM
hiya!! :D
Thu Aug 21, 2014, 3:13 PM
Mon Aug 18, 2014, 9:00 AM
i love you all :D
Fri Aug 8, 2014, 3:43 PM
You're the best of the best!
Mon Jul 14, 2014, 7:03 PM
BEST. HAIR. EVER. Liberty spikes FTW lol
Wed Apr 2, 2014, 9:21 PM
Males watch Sailor Moon, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Tokyo Mew Mew, Powerpuff Girls, Totally Spies, Hamtaro, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, The Littlest Pet Shop, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt... Now that's awesome!
Thu Feb 27, 2014, 3:57 PM
well i moved to sa nrw place :P that happened :P
Tue Dec 24, 2013, 3:15 PM
What's up dude
Thu Dec 12, 2013, 1:35 AM
happy birthday pal pal
Thu Nov 14, 2013, 4:12 PM
Sun Sep 29, 2013, 8:11 AM
ohai colordashie c:
Sun Sep 8, 2013, 11:56 PM
hey remember colordashie?? its me :3
Sun Sep 8, 2013, 2:11 AM
Sun Jun 30, 2013, 2:44 AM


Jun 25, 2016
8:10 pm
Jun 25, 2016
8:02 pm
Jun 25, 2016
5:40 pm
Jun 25, 2016
5:39 pm
Jun 25, 2016
5:22 pm


alright, so i got an 846 page book about 1930s new york, and two 600 page  books about 1930s and 1940s fashion, along with a book about art deco in new york and paris during the 40s (and a book about art deco hair, but it's not so good)

this should help me with inspiration and references ^^ 
Eeeee my little sister graduated from highschool! :'D <3
Robyn Rothauger - Project: Diesel Pirate by MetaDragonArt
Robyn Rothauger - Project: Diesel Pirate
view more art from this project here:…


introducing the secondary main protagonist of my dieselpunk series (the other protagonist being Bonnie Hopkins Project: Diesel Pirate - Bonnie Hopkins by MetaDragonArt)! 

Her name is Robyn Rothauger; the newly appointed captain of the sky pirate ship 'Karakal'. Robyn is a smart girl, but she is also very socially awkward, and has trouble socializing with people. She is also new to piracy, but has always loved the idea of being one. Despite her father being a pirate captain, and Robyn actually spending her early years on the Karakal, her mother acquired sole custody of her after Robyn's parents divorced, and had refused to let her have anything to do with sky pirates for most of her life. Despite all of this, she wants to be a great pirate captain like her father was. However, with most of her father's previous crew retiring from piracy on the Karakal (a choice he gave to his crew before he died), she now has to acquire a new crew of potential sky pirates. Her search begins in sky city Miria, where she befriends, and successfully recruits, a bunny mechanic named Bonnie Hopkins. With her first crewmate (and friend) acquired, the real adventure begins! 


various information bits about her

- Her name is Robyn Rothauger.

- She is the newly appointed captain of the sky pirate ship 'Karakal'.

- She is socially awkward. when speaking publicly, especially to strangers, she either freezes up or sounds a lot meaner than she really meant to be, or just flat out say the wrong thing. She can speak more naturally around those that she is close with, such as her crewmates, and her friends.

- Because of her social awkwardness, she is a bit of a tsundere; She may sometimes seem cold or hostile on the outside, but is actually a warm and kind person on the inside.

- She was born in the sky city of Seeräusberg. She also lived in there for most of her life.

- She inherited the title of captain from her father, Captain Robert "Red Eye" Rothauger, who was the previous captain of the Karakal. Her parents divorced while she was young, since her mother, Evelyn Rothauger, started greatly resenting the idea of piracy with a young child in tow (and their relationship had been drastically deteriorating over time after Robyn was born). As such, Robyn spent most of her life living with her mother in the sky city of Seeräusberg, and was not allowed to have anything to do with sky pirates. But every once in a while, when her father would return to the port, she would secretly sneak out of the house to go visit him, and learn more about becoming a pirate (along with listening to the stories of his piracy adventures). She would also secretly learn as much about piracy and the history of pirates as she could, without her mother finding out. Unfortunately, her father had gotten sick while on a piracy mission, and died of blood poisoning.

Before he died, Robert made a few preparations for the future of his ship and crew. He gave his crew the option to retire from the ship if they wanted to, which was an option that was highly uncommon among pirates due to the nature of the lifestyle. Most of the crew took up this rare chance and left. the vast majority of them joined specifically because of Robert, and couldn't imagine sailing under anyone else's command (even if it was Robert's own daughter). The few crewmembers that remained, particularly the first mate, were given the order to head to Seeräusberg and seek out Robyn in order to deliver the unfortunate news and appoint her as the new captain. He always believed that Robyn would make for an amazing sky pirate captain when she grows up. Robert also wrote a bit of a pirate captain's guidebook in order to help Robyn out. This guidebook included some general information, history, and quirks about the ship and it's remaining crewmembers, along with some ideas to keep in mind about being a sky pirate captain, and a list of all the personnel and equipment types she would need to find in order to get the ship back to it's former glory (among other personal messages from him to his daughter). and lastly, he had an outfit prepared for her that was truly worthy of a sky pirate captain (it was basically just a modified version of his old pirate garb)

The first mate (a tiger with a giant cybernetic arm that could turn into an arm cannon) decided to retrieve Robyn on his own, since he had been friends with her mother before she left, and he knew Robyn the best out of the crew (aside from the parents themselves). Initially, her mother threatened to call the police on him and the remaining crew when he explained the situation to her (instead of just straight-up clawing his eyes out, if he were anybody else). Robyn overheard the conversation and started packing some spare clothes, and a few other items, in a duffle bag. After leaving a goodbye note to her mother, she managed to sneak her way out of the house that night and meet up with the remaining crew, where she was officially appointed as the new captain of the Karakal. 

- Her ultimate goal in life is to be a great pirate captain like her father was. Her father truly believed in her, which is enough motivation for both her and the remaining members of the former crew.

- Her sword, the Mauserschwert, is a gun blade that used to belong to her father. It acts like any regular sword would, but when you rotate the handle downwards, it turns into a gun.

- She likes bunnies. When she first brought Bonnie back to the ship, the crew members started joking about their captain getting a new girlfriend. Her crewmates are convinced that she has a crush on Bonnie.

- While her social and fighting skills aren't exactly up to par, she is quite intelligent, and has the natural ability to quickly assess a situation and come up with solutions on the spot, even if she does have trouble communicating the solutions sometimes. She also can easily remember what somebody looks like, and can quickly spot out weak points in enemies. (if this were a video game, she would be the party member responsible for your bestiary). 

- She loves the night, and feels more socially open during the night as well (though even then, her social awkwardness is still pretty bad).

- She likes learning new things, whether it be more information about pirates, a city's history, the local wildlife, or information about the various gangs and important personnel. 


resources used are from:
Hopkins Mechanical - Project: Diesel Pirate by MetaDragonArt
Hopkins Mechanical - Project: Diesel Pirate
view more art from this project here:…


okay, so i am still figuring out how to design unique buildings, how to make them, how to do environments, and just stuff like this in general. so sorry if this doesnt seem as good as my stuff would normally be ^^; i'm learning though! and over time i'll get a better grasp of the architecture themes for this project

anyway, this is Hopkins Mechanical. located along the western coast of Sky City Miria, it's a repair shop for vehicles, small-scale sky ships, and mechanical objects in general. it's where Bonnie's family works at Project: Diesel Pirate - Bonnie Hopkins by MetaDragonArt. they got room for 3 automobiles in the front, and 3 sky ships in the back. 


resources used are from:
Bonnie Hopkins - Project: Diesel Pirate by MetaDragonArt
Bonnie Hopkins - Project: Diesel Pirate
view more art from this project here:…


introducing the main character of my new series! :D well, if this were a video game and not just a world-building art project, she would be the main protagonist / player controlled character c: 

Her name is Bonnie Hopkins. She is a bunny that comes from a family of mechanics. she works part-time with her family at Hopkins Mechanical, a mechanics / repair shop that works on all sorts of mechanical items; from vehicles to miscellaneous trinkets. she is the adventurous type though, and her family realizes that she would rather be an adventurer, so they often sends her out on various miscellaneous tasks for the shop while the rest of them work in-house. However, after recently meeting a socially awkward  Sky Pirate captain, that recruited Bonnie to her crew, she is now on an adventure with her new Sky Pirate friends!


so here is a list of some various information bits about her. figured it would be easier to just list some stuff instead of trying to make a cohesive paragraph.

- her name is Bonnie Hopkins.

- she lives in the sky city Miria, with her family at Hopkins Mechanical (there is a living section near the shop), though she now spends many nights with her new Sky Pirate friends instead.   

- speaking of, she recently became a Sky Pirate. 

- she is an adventurous type of girl that loves exploring new places or just traveling around Miria in general.

- she usually wears a modified mechanics jumpsuit (that her grandma helped her make).

- she's a kind, polite girl, though for some reason she very much likes the idea of whacking people with a giant wrench.

-speaking of, she likes to lug around a giant wrench.

- she likes to help people out.

- she prefers to keep her hair in braids.

- she wears the military dog tags of her deceased uncle, Oscar E Hopkins. Oscar was a Contract Cybernetics Surgeon that was sometimes called on by the military to help out in the various ground-settlements. the sky cities (which are floating cities) were constructed as a way for the population to have guaranteed safety from the dangerous creatures that stalked the ground. however, there are still plenty of ground cities, settlements, resource areas (like mines), and whatnot. these cities often have military personnel stationed at them in order to provide protection. Oscar was called on when these ground cities needed assistance with cybernetic surgeries, considering how talented he was. unfortunately, the city that he was currently stationed at was attacked by the dangerous creatures that had been stalking the area for a while. entire hordes of ravage beasts stormed the city, destroying everything. this was an attack on a scale that was never seen in modern times before, and only about a quarter of the population of the city made it out alive. Oscar was not among the survivors. the city was abandoned completely and the bodies couldn't be recovered. the only reason why Oscar's family was even able to get his dog tags was because Oscar had handed them to another soldier to hang on to while he performed a surgery on a patient, who would later give the tags to Oscar's family. 

- she absolutely adored and idolized her uncle Oscar, to the point where her family would secretly joke about Bonnie potentially having a huge crush on him. He was a second uncle, hence why Bonnie's family were never NEARLY as weirded out by it as they could have been, if he was a first uncle. Not to mention that Oscar was quite young, for an uncle. 

- Bonnie wasn't originally into mechanics, or adventuring. she started getting into those things because it's what her uncle Oscar did all the time. he was her best friend for the longest time, and she wanted to be just like him.

- after Oscar died, Bonnie started to resent the military. she thought that if the military hadn't of taken Oscar to the ground, then he would still be alive. this only got worse after there was a scandal about the incident about how the military had started picking off resources from the area before the attack; including weapons, medical supplies, food, and personnel. 

- the Hopkins family were never too keen about Sky Pirates, but Oscar and Bonnie both thought they were awesome. Bonnie's family did not approve of her joining a Sky Pirate crew at all, but eventually came around and somewhat accepted it after Bonnie introduced the captain to them.

- she has a very solid understanding of the layout of the section of the city she lives in. however, it's still only one part of the city, and Miria is a huge place, so there's still a ton of places she doesnt know a lot about yet. luckily, her adventures with her sky pirate friends take her all over the city, including places she would normally never be allowed to go near.

- she is very good at mentally mapping out an area, much to the delight of the sky pirates.

- she has quite a bit of stamina in her. she could whack as many people with her wrench as she wanted! 

- she is very curious about things. she loves finding out what's in this area, or what this trinket does, or what this person is like. 

- she does not like carrot juice.

- she can get very determined about stuff. if she wants to explore an area, she won't stop until she's in. 


resources used are from:
Gangster (Tommy) - Project: Diesel Pirate by MetaDragonArt
Gangster (Tommy) - Project: Diesel Pirate
view more art from this project here:…


hey, so I'm starting a new side project! for the moment, I'm calling it "Project: Diesel Pirate" until i figure out a better name for it.

i'm basically making my own world here. it's a dieselpunk / cyberpunk world with sky pirates, floating cities, and a 1920's-1950's aesthetic! i'm treating it as a pseudo-video game job, and so i'll be making characters, generic NPCs, enemies, weapons, locations, and miscellaneous objects.

this is the first design: an enemy type known as a Gangster (Tommy type). gangsters would be the most basic enemy type you would be fighting, and the Tommy type would be the standard version that would be the most common. i named them after the Thompson submachine gun, which was also known as a "tommy gun". 

i'm REALLY excited to do more of this series!


resources used are from:
still working on the BIG project. i hope to be able to show you guys and gals soon! 
hey guys, im working on a bigger project here, so it might be a bit before im able to upload anything


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 18, 2016, 10:32 AM


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